Wednesday, July 30, 2008

27 Weeks

Whitney came over for a bit and took a few pregnancy pictures of me while the kids were napping. 27 weeks...only 13 more to go! The rest are on my smugmug.

Colin & Kolb Girls

I got to watch Madison and Kaetlyn Kolb today for most of the day. Colin had a great time playing with them!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm HOT!

And I don't mean that in a sexy way....I mean it in a I'm sweating my butt off kind of way!

We got home from Arlington this afternoon, and the house was 84 degrees. It's now 8:00, and the house is 86 degrees...I'm so hot! We may end up having to sleep somewhere else tonight.

Monday, July 14, 2008


So today when I was bringing in groceries, Dali followed me outside, like he usually does. He normally just stays in the yard and follows me back in. Today...he ran away! :(

I called him and kept an eye out for him for over 2 hours. Colin was napping, so I couldn't go searching for him until he woke up. When he finally did wake up and loaded up the van and headed out on a mission to find Dali.

We got to the end of our street, near the house that Miguel's mom used to live in and I saw a brown blob by the front door. I backed up a little and realized that it was Dali!

I called him and he got all excited! He up to me and got into the van. I felt so bad b/c it was sooo hot out, and he was panting like crazy.

Colin had no idea what was going on, but was still very excited to see Dali jump into the van.

I thank God that we found him b/c Colin is so attached to him, I think it would break his heart if he never saw him again.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New 'Toys'

I got a few new toys this weekend!

  1. My minivan!!! I'm so excited about it. It's a 2007 Honda Odessey with only 15,000 miles on it. It has leather seats, DVD player, power sliding doors, and so many more features! I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them.
  2. New iPhone! Yay! Miguel got one too, and we are just loving them!
Yay for new toys!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

OB Update & More...

It's been a bit since I last updated. Not too much going on these days...

Dali has a yucky bacterial infection in his mouth and is very stinky right now, He also has a double ear infection (he has chronic ear infections, so I wasn't surprised). He's been on antibiotics for 7 days now, and he isn't smelling any better, so we have another vet appointment this afternoon to check on things.

Colin is learning new words every amazes me! He'll hear something, and then just start saying it.

I had my 24 week OB appointment yesterday. Things are looking good for Baby Boy Pacheco. Heart rate was 160. My OB had a hard time finding him yesterday b/c he was hiding under my belly button. Gross! I haven't gained too much weight yet, so that is another plus! I'm also carrying a lot smaller this time around. My next appointment is in early August. It's my last 4 week appointment...I'll then move to 2 week appointment. How exciting! That means the end is near!

I am on the search for a minivan. I've been looking for a bit, but what I want is a tad out of reach right now. I found something yesterday, and am awaiting a call back from the dealer, but I really don't think it's going to work out. The van I found is EXACTLY what I want, but I just don't think that the dealer is going to be willing to come down enough for me. I'll keep you updated on that.

Miguel got a new to him car last week. A really nice one! I'm so excited for him. He got an 2005 Infinity G35 sedan. He probably would have preferred the coupe, but with a 2 year old and a baby on the way, that just didn't seem practical. The mileage s low, and the car is in excellent condition. It drives so smooth! I'll have to post some pictures soon.

There is my update!