Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update on Colin

Colin wasn't feeling well. As soon as we got home yesterday afternoon I put him down for a nap, and 4 hours later, he wasn't awake. I went in to wake him up, and he was burning up. Temp. was 103.6. I gave him tylenol.

We put him to bed at 8, but re-checked his temp. right before and it was 102.9. Great, fever is going down. I just didn't have a good feeling and decided to wake him up at 10 to check again, and it had spiked to 104.8! Scary...even for me being an ER nurse. I gave him some motrin and called the pedi after hours nurse. She had us give him a sponge bath and re-check in an hour. Temp was still 103.9 after all of that. The nurse told us to go to Acute Kids in Frisco.

We got there at 11:30, and they close at 12:00...so they were only able to run a flu screen and a rapid strep. Both were negative. It's not an ear infection either. The doctor there wanted to take blood and urine but it was too close to close to closing time, so they referred us to the ER.

Next stop...Presby Plano. We never saw a doctor, just a PA. He said he didn't feel it was necessary to draw blood or urine. So all they did for us was give more tylenol...which I could have done from home, and a chest x-ray that was negative. His fever spike again to 103.9 while we were there, but they decided to send us home saying it's a virus. I've never seen a virus cause a fever that high...but I'm just a lowly nurse.

We got home at 4:00, put poor Colin to bed with a 103.7 temp. and woke up at 7:00 to check again...

this time it was 105.1 and I started freaking out! I called the after hours nurse again who wasn't much help. Finally after more motrin, we have his temp. sitting at a comfortable 102.9.

We saw the pedi. this morning and he concluded that Colin has a high fever virus. Says he'll probably have the fever for another day or so, but if he starts showing other symptoms or seizing...he needs to be seen right away. Way to make me feel ok. He did another flu screen, which was negative and drew blood to check his count. That all came back fine.

He is acting a little more like himself today, but still not eating or drinking his normal amount.

Please keep poor Colin in your thoughts today. I hate seeing him like this. Obviously I called into work...I just couldn't leave him like that.

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  1. wow, I am so sorry you are going through all of this. We are praying for you guys. kate had this same thing last week. If you need anything please please call me.


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