Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Sweet Seet 3 Year Old

I can't believe that Colin is 3 today! My sweet sweet boy is 3! He walk and he talks and he randomly tells me that he loves me. It's so beautiful! He's soooo smart and absolutely loves his family! He's always asking to visit or see or talk to one of them! He is just soooo loving. We are working on the potty training...soon! Colin loves music...all sorts. He says that he is going to play: the piano, drums, harp, violin, flute, guitar, and the trumpet! He can already differentiate between instruments that he hears in music! He definitely takes after Miguel in that department. He enjoys playing with cars, and LOVES dinosaurs! Colin loves his baby brother so much and is so affectionate towards him. I wish he would stop growing up. I love him at this age.

Here are a couple pictures of Colin:

1 year old Colin

2 year old Colin

3 year old Colin

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  1. wow, can't believe he is 3. Happy birthday to the sweet boy! He is such a wonderful blessing!


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