Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miguel's 31st Birthday Party

Well, I did something a little out of the ordinary this year regarding Miguel's birthday party.

Back story:

We were at lunch with some friends and my BIL & SIL. We were discussing the theme of Colin's birthday party, and I happened to ask Miguel, jokingly, what theme he wanted for his birthday. Well, anyone that knows Miguel, would have anticipated a smart ass answer. That's EXACTLY what he gave me. HE said that he wanted a 'birth' theme because it was his BIRTHday. I gave him several opportunities to give me a real answer, but he just kept joking around about the 'birth' theme. I told him that since he asked for a birth themed party, that's exactly what he would get.

So, I decided to only invite family this year, because I don't think all of our friends would get my sick humor. I had the party at my moms house and it was a swimming party in the evening. I had 'Sounds of the Womb' playing while we were all know, so it was like we were swimming in the womb. I made the cake. It was a placenta. Yup, a placenta.

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