Monday, October 22, 2007

Off to NY I Go!

Tomorrow, that is.

I work until 3, then I have to come home, get Colin, get the car packed and get to the airport to take off at 7.

Colin was still running fever today, and was very fussy. I am so thankful that Miguel stayed home to help me take care of him. He was soo difficult today, and I definitely needed the help.

I tried putting Colin down for bed at 8 (his normal bed time). He normally goes to sleep right away with minimal or no fussing...but not tonight. Tonight he SCREAMED until 9. Miguel tried holding him for a bit. He was fine, but the second that he laid him back in his bed he screamed again. We let him cry for a little bit more, then it was my turn to do the same. He was fin while I was holding him, but the minute that I put him down, he screamed some more. It's now 9:10, and he is still screaming. If this goes on all night, and I don't get any sleep, I'll have to call in to work tomorrow, which I don't want to do.

Please pray for a good night for all of us, and for traveling mercies tomorrow.

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  1. :( I am sad you are leaving but I know you will have a good time. I will just make you hang out with me when you are back.

    I am sorry Colin is still not feeling well. I pray that he will feel better and that you will be able to work and get some rest. Good luck with everything and bring back lots of pics!!!


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