Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thrice Show

Miguel, Danny, Rossilyn and I went to see Thrice last night at the House of Blues. What a show...even though they weren't headlining!

First Me Without You played. The music was pretty good, though the singing was pretty bad.

Then Thrice cam on, and played probably the best that I've ever seen them play! They played a bunch of older songs...which I loved, and quite a few new ones. I'm not too familiar with the new ones yet, but it all sounded awesome!

After that Brand New played. They were okay, but definitely not as good as Thrice. I think that the crowd ruined it for me. There were these psychotic girls in front of us that were totally obnoxious...spilling beer and turning around screaming at the crowd.

What I had fun watching was right before Thrice came on a row of old people were seated in the special seating area. I was worried at first, and also thinking to myself 'why in the world are these old people here?", but when Thrice started playing, the old people were bopping their heads and singing the songs! it amazed me! I think that they must have been family or something. Some of the songs were pretty hard and the old lady was bopping away!

Tonight we are heading back to the House of Blues to see Coheed and Cambria, another favorite band of mine. Thrice & Coheed always seem to tour this area around the same time...but I'm not complaining about that!

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  1. Well, you guys have been busy. I love November it seems like there is always something fun to do. I'm glad you guys got to get out and have FUN!


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