Friday, February 01, 2008

Miguel and the Broken Arm...

Imagine having a really hard, long, physically draining day at work. You are tired and so ready to go home and just rest your feet from the long 12 hours you just spent on them with out a potty break, and barely a lunch break.

Your evening is looking good...your mom is at your house, and she even made dinner for the family! Wow! You get home to your loving husband who, also, just got home from a long day at work.

You walk in the house and smell yummy meat sauce. You can't wait to eat dinner...and pee!

Your son is in a really good mood, your husband is home, your mother is over visiting...with dinner...the evening couldn't get any better...that's absolutely correct...but it can get worse...and it does!

You don't even have your shoes off yet when your husband decides to play the "Let's run from mommy and have her catch us game." You are tired, but you go ahead anyway...they start running (son in father's arms), and you start to chase them. Your husband looks back to see how close you are, and in that split second your dog runs under his feet, gets him tangled and you see (in slow motion, of course) your husband falling to the floor while holding your son.

Son doesn't cry until he realizes that mommy's face dropped 10 feet. You pick him up to make sure that he's ok...and, thank God, he's fine. A bit shaken, but fine.

Your husband, on the other hand, is still laying on the floor. He's holding his arm, saying that he can't move it. You go into nurse mode...check to see if there is a deformity...nope, that's good. Next you check his pulses in that arm...good pulses...that's great. You do start to see some swelling around the elbow area. You tell husband that we need to splint the arm, and you go find something to splint it with (cardboard and a few ace wraps). Husband doesn't want you to touch it b/c it hurts so bad,and you realize at that point that you definitely need to make a visit to the doctor.

You go to an urgent care facility...where there are a bunch of people waiting. Before checking in you ask the receptionist "If his arm is broken will you guys splint it or will you send us to an ER?" She calls back to the nurse who gives us a run around answer. It was an easy either splint or you don't. Well, since they couldn't give a a straight answer, you decide that you guys had better not waste time sitting there...that it would probably be quicker of you just waited in an ER.

You call your job to tell them that you were coming...but they were jammed packed, so you decided not to go there either. Off to Centennial you go (which is actually a really nice hospital). You walk into the ER lobby...and there isn't anyone there! Yay! You are so excited!

You see the triage nurse, who takes you guys back to a room right away. About 5 minutes later you see the nurse. 2 minutes after that the doctor comes in, and 5 minutes after that the X-ray tech shows up! Now that is quick service! Maybe 15 minutes later the doctor comes back to tell you that your husbands elbow (radial head) is broken. 10 minutes later the tech comes in to splint the arm and then the nurse comes back to discharge you.

You finally get home again to find your son you only got to see him for about 45 minutes that day, your mother asleep on your couch...who you are so thankful for b/c she watched your son ALL day long, and your husband who is in incredible pain...but acting loopy b/c of the pain meds that the nurse gave him.

You had a crappy day at work, and then a crappy evening at home...but, you love your husband, son, mother & you wouldn't change a thing.

That was my day on Tuesday!


  1. Ouch!

    I love Centennial's ER. I've never waited there and unfortunately, we have been several times.

    I'm sorry he's in pain and has broken his elbow. Wishes for quick healing!

  2. Praying for a fast recovery! I am sorry your day was such a rough one but at least you know what matters in life and are grateful for it!

    I love the new look by the way, you are amazing!


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