Monday, August 25, 2008

My Sweet Sweet 2 Year Old

I can't believe that Colin is 2 today! How time flies...I mean, just yesterday (it was just yesterday, right?) he was a baby blob that I was holding in my arms, that needed me for everything. He needed me to feed him and to change him, and hold him. Now the 2 year old version feed himself, helps change himself, puts his own shoes on and talks to me...telling me what he wants. It's an amazing transformation to watch...and it's bittersweet. I miss the days of baby blob, but I also love the new days of semi-independent Colin.

Here are a couple pictures of Colin:
Colin at birth

1 year old Colin

2 year old Colin


  1. I love the pictures, especially his birth's amazing how mature he looks even at just days (hours?) old. He was just a teeny tiny little man.

    Happy birthday to your handsome little boy!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Colin!


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