Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dentist Visit

Colin and Brennan had dentist appointments today. It was Colin's 2nd appointment and Brennan's 1st.
Colin - He did much better than he did on his first visit. He picked out a black toothbrush with a giraffe on it. The hygienist cleaned his teeth, then brushed and flossed them. There was minimal crying...and it was b/c Colin didn't want to lay back; he wanted to sit up. The took x-rays this time, as he wouldn't calm down enough last time to do it. He has all of his baby teeth and you could see his adult teeth under the gums. It was kind of freaky.

Brennan - He did AWESOME! Colin picked out a blue toothbrush for him. The hygienist cleaned, brushed and flossed Brennan's teeth as well. He barely cried at all! They didn't do any x-rays this time. They did mention that Brennan has a very large frenulum (the tissue that connects the top lip to the gums) and that it connects much lower than usual. So, if he bumps his mouth, it will probably bleed a lot. It's also causing a gap between his 2 front teeth. The dentist said that it usually corrects itself in between baby teeth and adult teeth, but if not, then he could have a frenectomy (basically snipping it and reattaching it a little higher). That's not anything that we have to worry about for a few years though.

Their next appointment is in 6 months!

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