Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Horrible Day...Sickness

So we got up this morning to go to church, and Colin started throwing up. He threw up like 4 times from 7:30 until 9:00. I felt sooo bad for him. Then, Brennan was in his high chair, and had a blowout of EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. It was EVERYWHERE. At that point I decided that we probably shouldn't got to church. The bad thing was that Miguel had already left for church, and I was warming the food for the lunch that I do every i still had to drive the food to the house that the lunch was at...and this week it was in Burleson (about 1 hr 15 mins from our house). Yikes!

So, I was giving the boys a bath...since one was covered in vomit and the other in poop. I forgot that the food (chili) was warming and ended up burning it. Really really burning it. There was NO saving it. So, I packed up the boys, ran to the store, bought all new ingredients to make a quick new batch and hurried to the checkout line...where Colin puked all over the floor. Yuck. I felt terrible taking him into the store knowing he was sick, but I had to have food for the lunch!

We got back home, where Colin threw up a couple more times, and I made the chili. It definitely was NOT my best, but I did the best that I could with the time that I had. I had to have the chili in Burleson by 12:45. I packed up the boys again, and made the trek to Burleson. Colin threw up 3 more times on the way, and then FINALLY fell asleep. I dropped off the food, and turned around to go back home. I hit my hand on my seatbelt and broke one of my new pretty nails! UGH! Today was just not my day!

We finally got home, and I made Colin his 'sick bed'. Basically, it's a blanket on the floor covered with smaller blankets for him to lay on. When he throws up, I just remove a layer of blankets. He doesn't tell me with enough time to get him to the bathroom, so this works. He is currently watching tv.

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  1. Poor kids and poor mommy! I hope everyone is feeling better.


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