Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brennan Walking

Well, over the past 2 or so weeks, Brennan has decided that it is FINALLY time for him to use walking as his main method of getting around. It's cute watching him walk. He's still wobbly, but gaining confidence every day!

On a more serious note, I've noticed that his 'walk' doesn't look quite right. A few other people have noticed and mentioned the same thing to me. It's kind of hard to describe, but it looks like there is something wrong with either his right hip or right knee. Almost like a limp. I called the pediatrician's office yesterday and talked to a nurse. She talked with the doctor and we decided to watch Brennan closely for another week or so. If he seems to have pain with walking or dragging his leg, then we need to be seen right away. If not, then it can wait until his 18 month appointment (which is next month).


  1. Poor guy. I truly hope it is nothing serious and it is just him adapting to this new way of getting around. If there is a problem at least you will have caught early enough that with intervention it should all work out. Adding him to my daily prayer list and for your comfort you too.

  2. I pray it is nothing. How exciting to have a new walker in your house!!
    Did Colin walk later too?

  3. Casey - Thank you. I appreciate your prayers.

    Anita - Yes, Colin was also a late walker. He walked 1 week before he turned 18 months. Brennan started at 16 1/2 months. Crazy kids.

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  5. My little boy kinda sorta started walking the other week. He took some steps btw his dad and I but he wants to always walk on his toes! Ughh! Oh well- we are workign on it! Stopping by from Southern Mama's. We are glad you are apart of it! Hope to keep in touch! come visit me for some good southern recipes-


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