Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brennan's 18 Month Check-Up

Brennan had his 18 month check-up today. I can't believe how much he's grown in the last 3 months! He went from being my teeny tiny baby to my average sized baby.

Brennan now weighs 24 lbs. 10 oz. (50%) & is 32.3 inches long (75-90%).

I mentioned a while ago that I was worried about the way that he was walking...that it just didn't look quite right. Well, it's gotten much better, but it still isn't perfect. I mentioned it to the pediatrician, and he had Brennan run up and down the hall. Then he rolled his legs back and forth. He said that Brennan has femoral retroversion. Basically, his femur turns out a little bit, which causes the rest of his leg to turn out slightly. The pediatrician says that it is a 'normal' variant. He says it starts correcting itself between the ages of 2-3 and is usually fully corrected by age 6. Nothing for us to worry about! Yay!

Brennan has EXCELLENT gross motor and social skills. We just need to work with him a little more diligently on the fine motor skills and language. Brennan tends to be a grunter instead of using words to get his point across.

I'll be taking him for his 18 month pictures soon, and will get those posted as soon as I get them back!


  1. WOW, he did have a growth spurt. When you came over last he was taller than Aly and they used to be the same! I am glad that his walking problems is nothing too serious and will correct itself, praise the Lord! He is such a sweet and adorable little boy! You are one lucky momma!

  2. Yay Brennan:) Glad to hear he is doing so well!

  3. Aww he is doing so well, and so adorable! He's really looking like a toddler now, sorry that might be hard to hear.
    Glad he is growing and doing well, I loved hearing those reports when mine were little.

  4. He is cute. It is nice that he will out grow his walking problem. My son has trouble saying r's they say that he should out grow that by 7.



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