Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Weekend of Accidents

By the middle of the day today, I decided that I was not going to drive or do anything that could put me in danger because this weekend if anything could go wrong with did!

It all started last night at Joel's birthday party. I slammed my head into a hanging light fixture. I was carrying Colin, and I got very dizzy and light-headed. Someone grabbed him from me (I have no idea who), and I was stumbling for a few minutes. I had a splitting headache for the rest of the night and a good portion of today. Then today, I was putting my camera onto my tripod. Miguel told me to be careful, and next thing I knew, it fell off of the tripod and slammed onto the tile floor. A piece of it did break, so I'll have to take it into get fixed, but I thank God that it isn't anything major. Last but not least, I was taking pictures of Colin outside, and I guess that I didn't realize, but I put my bare foot into a fire ant hill. My foot started burning, so I looked down, and my foot was covered in red ants. I ran inside, put my foot in the bathtub, and I now have about 50 bites all over my foot. Yikes! I need to just stay in the house and not move!

Hopefully, I'll have a better, uneventful week!

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  1. aww Kristen, I am sorry it was soo yucky and you had soo many accidents. I pray that your week will go better


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