Friday, May 04, 2007

Yankee Game

Yesterday Miguel, Danny & I went to see the Yankees ROCK the Rangers...and they did just that! We hit some traffic on the way over, and we were worried that we were going to miss part of the game. It was pouring, then it would stop, then pour again, then stop. By the time that we got inside the park the game had just started! It had been delayed b/c of the we didn't miss anything! There were a bunch of rowdy drunk Yankee fans a few rows in front of us that were starting fights with people and trash talking to everyone. That kind of ruins it...I just want to watch the game!

My mom watched Colin for us, and we got back to her house at midnight, and I decided that I didn't want to wake up Colin, so he spent the night at my mom's house. That was our first night away from Colin! My mom said that he did great, and that they had a good time. I'm glad and sad that he didn't miss us too much!


  1. Wow! What a big milestone for you guys. Congratulations.

    I'm glad the rain stopped and y'all were able to enjoy the game. At least it wasn't hot. The heat and humidity make Texas baseball miserable. I think that's why Sean and I enjoyed the Cubs game we saw on v-cay so much. We should all go to one of the Frisco games, sometime. It'd be fun.

  2. Wow!I am glad you guys had so much fun and wow what a big milestone for you! I am impressed! I love baseball but like Emily said it is too hot in Texas for it.


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