Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yay! We saw HP 5 last night at midnight for the opening show. We had so much fun. Miguel and I left Colin with my mom to go. Whitney went to the theater at 6:00 to start waiting in line. There were already about 20 people ahead of her...but she definitely got us a great spot in line. We joined Whit around 8:00 and Jonny arrived soon after. The 4 hour wait began! We played a few different cards games...and included some people in line next to us, read, played on the laptop and talked to pass the time. They finally let us into the theater at about 10:00 where we endured 2 hours of people screaming. When the movie finally started at 12:01 am, we were definitely ready. We had our popcorn, soda and sour patch kids.

I know that people who are really into movies dress up, but I just couldn't ever see myself doing that. I saw quite a few Dementors, Winky the House Elf, a bunch of non-specific Gryffindor students and tons of people wearing HP shirts, buttons, hats, wands, brooms and cloaks. Quite scary!

Overall, the movie was really good, but I was left a little disappointed b/c I had just read the book, and I felt that they had left so much out of the movie that was in the book. Miguel and I would like to make a trip back to the theater to see a second time soon!

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I definitely want to see that this weekend. I can't wait!


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