Monday, July 09, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

Nothing different about today...except the fact that I've been really really emotional. I've cried like 5 times...and at stupid things that I've seen on tv. I've been playing with Colin, cleaning up the house, checking e-mail, etc. Colin went down for a nap and Dali & I walked out to get the mail like any other day. I got the mail, walked back into the house and started flipping throught the junk, when I got a card from a friend, out of the blue. I tossed the rest to the side, opened it up, read it...and cried. It was just simple note with a very thoughtful message...but it made my day. What started out as a blah emotional day has ended up being a really nice emotional day. Thank you very much!

Now if I could only bring a smile across someone's face for no reason that would make my day even better. God has blessed me with such a great family, and great friends. Each and every person holds a special spot in my heart.

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  1. I am so glad it made your day!! I just felt like it needed to be sent! I hope you have a good week! How is work going?


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