Saturday, August 25, 2007

Colin is 1!

The first 12 months of Colin's life. The many faces...and changes.
Colin's birth picture. He was 2 days old.
Colin at 1 month. How precious.
2 months old. I just love this picture!3 months old. He was starting to develop his personality.
4 months old. What a ham for the camera!
Colin at 5 months. He was starting to get chunky!6 months old. He was at his chunkiest! I love it!7 months old. Colin was starting to look like he does now.8 months old. Looks who's standing!Colin at 9 months. He's so sweet and loving.10 months old. He loves posing for the camera!11 months old. Colin was crawling all over the place!Colin is 1 year old! Happy birthday!
We are waiting for his birthday portraits to come back.

I love Colin so much. My life has been so blessed since he has entered it. He has touched my heart in a way that I could never imagine. He's taught me how to be selfless. I don't know what I would do without him. I thank God every day for allowing me to have this little boy, and to love him and teach him things. What a blessing!

I think back at the past year, and my time has been consumed (lovingly) by Colin. I feel like just about every minute of every day I am either directly taking care of Colin, playing with him, feeding him, holding him, or doing misc. thing with/for him. I often think back to when I was childless, and I wonder to myself...what did I do with my time? I feel like I wasted all of the time that I had before Colin. My days revolve around him, and I enjoy it! In fact, I look forward to waking up and seeing his smiling face every morning.

I thank God for such a wonderful year that was full of blessings, and I ask for many more. happy birthday to my little boy, my baby boy, my angel.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. Colin!

    Children are one of the greatest blessings God gives us!


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