Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy Day

What a busy day we had...2 playdates in one day! I had one set up and on my calendar for a while. Early in the morning, one of my co-workers called me to say that she was meeting up with another co-worker for a playdate and wanted to invite me.

So we had a great morning here at my house with the Clarks, Rodenburghs, and Pachecos. The big kids played nicely and the babies had a good time crawling around (and Christian looking at everyone!).

After an afternoon nap, we went on over to Abbie's house (in McKinney, so we didn't have to drive far!). Colin played with Taylor (18 months) for a little bit until Martina got there with Hannah (2 years). Then we went to her community park where the kids had a great time swinging and sliding down the slides!

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