Sunday, September 16, 2007

Learning Explosion!

Colin had a learning explosion this weekend!

It started on Saturday morning. We were getting ready for church at our Pastor's house. Colin was playing with their dog (Charlie, a mini Yorkie). I picked him up and as we started walking away, Colin said his first sentence: "okay, bye doggy." It's crazy how they pick up on what you say. Every time I get off of the phone, I say "okay, bye." Colin had been saying okay & bye & doggy separately for a while now, but this was his first time to string them together like that.

The second thing was this evening at dinner. Miguel and I have been doing very basic baby sign language to Colin since late last week. At dinner tonight Colin did the sign for "more please" multiple times. He caught on so quickly!

Lastly, Colin has been saying "pa-pa" for a while now, but never actually said papi. Well, tonight, I told Miguel to say goodnight to Colin. Miguel said goodnight, and Colin looked around and said...clear as day..."papi, papi." Miguel's face lit up and he got so happy!


  1. WOW, way to go Colin! He is a cutie and a smartie! I am so proud of him.

  2. Wow, what a big boy. I love it when that start putting sentences together. It's like your having a "real" conversation. Way to go Colin!


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