Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update on Nanny

First off, I want to thank everyone for their prayers, words of encouragement, phone calls, & e-mails. It has really helped me!

Nanny is still in the hospital, and we aren't sure just yet when she is going home. She says that she is feeling great! Praise God!

The repeated the CT scan of her brain, and they won't have to drill holes in her head! Praise God again! The bleed hasn't gotten any bigger from the last scan, and, it's starting to decrease as well.

The stroke was not devastating, but Nanny didn't get away without any deficits like she has done in the past. Some of the effects that she is having to deal with this time is that her left side...arm, leg and mouth, are all weaker than they were prior to the stroke. She drags her left leg just a little, but she is pretty confident that she can manage with some physical therapy.

She is suffering from pretty bad migraines since the stroke, but that is due to the bleed that she has. I'm guessing that once the bleeding has stopped, the headaches will subside as well.

Nanny is optimistic about her recovery, and is still planning on having fun when I arrive!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and prayers. I know your prayers are why she is doing so well today. Please continue to pray for her and her recovery.


  1. Praise God, he is sooo good! I am glad she is doing better!

  2. Praise God! He is sooo good!

  3. sorry for the double post


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