Thursday, March 06, 2008

Colin's Vocabulary List at 18 Months

At Colin's 18 month check-up, the doctor asked me about how many words Colin can say. He said that 8-10 for a boy is normal, and the question caught me off guard, so I said probably around 8-10...but I got to thinking about it, and his vocabulary is quite extensive for his age. Here is his vocabulary list:
1. mommy
2. papi
3. nanny
4. titi (aunt in spanish)
5. bee
6. teeth
7. no
8. hi
9. hello
10. baby
11. food
12. doggy
13. dali (our dog's name)
14. oliver (my mom's dog's name)
15. ball
16. book
17. yeah
18. more
19. uh-oh

He doesn't get out all of the syllables in all of the words, but he sure tries!
If I can think of any more, I'll add them.


  1. wow, that is a lot! He is a smart little guy, pretty cute too!

  2. That's quite an impressive list for a child his age!


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