Friday, March 14, 2008

First OB Appointment

I had my first OB appointment today, and the official due date of Baby Pacheco #2 is October 27.

I had a sonogram, and they noticed a subchorionic hemorrhage...which is basically a tear/bleed in my uterus. It is a pretty big one...the sono tech. looked pretty concerned, but the doctor said that if I'm not bleeding or cramping, it's nothing to worry about. I did bleed a little on Sunday, and I told her that, but she isn't too worried. She says that they are common in the first trimester and that they usually heal themselves.

We are only having 1 baby this go around...darn! I was hoping for twins!

I am 7 weeks 5 days pregnant today, but the baby was measuring a week small at 6 weeks 5 maybe a girl this time? We still have a long time before we know that!

I did get a picture of the baby blob, and I'll post it when I get a chance.

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