Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's OB Appointment

I was supposed to be scheduled for a BPP & NST, and then a doctor's visit. Well, somehow, they forgot to schedule the BPP, so the tech. asked the doctor, and she said not to worry about it. I was bummed b/c I like seeing him!

I went into the exam room and had the NST done. Everything turned out great for that.

The doctor came in after the NST and I told her about me being sick yesterday and she immediately became concerned that I might have been in labor. She said that diarrhea is associated with labor, and since no one else in the house was sick, she wanted to check my cervix just to make sure that I'm not progressing anymore. She then measured my fundal height, and once again, I am measuring small. I measured 33cm when I should be measuring 35cm. So, she decided to go ahead and have me have the sono today anyway to check his growth rate.

The OB checked my cervix and said that I still feel like a 2 (but she didn't seem so convinced. I think I am a little more than that). She also said that my cervix is thin. It was measuring 15mm when I was in the hospital, and she said that it still feel like that, but she can stretch it thinner if she wanted too...which means that I have a "favorable" cervix for delivery.

After all of that I went and had the sono done. Baby is measuring 34 weeks, and I am 35 weeks. He weighs approximately 4lbs. 15oz. The doctor isn't concerned about the 1 weeks growth discrepancy. She said that you can go 3 weeks up or down.

I can stop taking the contraction medication on Sunday, and I have another appointment with her on Monday. At that time she will release me from bedrest! Yay! I plan on returning to work on Tuesday! I'm so excited!

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  1. I am glad everything turned out ok. I am betting he will come once you get back on your feet and start working again! You are on the home stretch!


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