Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2 Times

Two times in one day...

Colin ASKED to go to the potty! I can't believe it. Soon after he sat down, he had pee-ed in the potty! What a big boy he is becomming! 

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  1. Yay Colin!!!

    I wanted to reply to your comment about forgiveness. I guess if something is weighing heavy on you, and the person hasn't asked for forgivness you have to make the choice for yourself, as much as for the other person. As I said, its' not forgetting, and saying you will not remember how you were hurt etc. It's releasing it from your self.
    I can't say in your case, but in some a person may not realize how they have hurt another and may not know to ask for forgiveness, so maybe that is another topic...and remembering to ask for that if you suspect you have offended someone.
    Wishing you some peace.
    BTW, enjoy your visit with your cousin............she looks beautiful holding your little one.............awwwww!


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