Sunday, January 04, 2009

Guess Who Peed in the Potty...

Well, not really in the potty, but all over my bathroom floor...that's right, Brennan! No, just kidding, it was Colin!

We have been trying for a while to start potty training, but it hasn't been going so well. We bought the little potty chair last December when Colin started showing interest. He actually went in the potty a few times...but mommy was pregnant with Brennan, and as my belly started growing, Colin decided that he didn't want to go in the potty anymore.

So here we are, a year later (he's 2 years and 4 months), and we've been trying to entice him to go. We went out and bought a toy from his favorite show (The Little Einsteins). We kept it in the bathroom until he peed in the potty.

I've been asking him everyday for almost a month if he wants to sit on the potty and pee so he can have his toy. He's always told me no until tonight! So, I stripped him down, sat him on the potty, and we waited, and waited...and. waited. some. more. Did I mention that we waited? Finally, after 15 minutes of waiting in the bathroom with Colin, I decided to go put my pajamas on. I was gone for 1 minute and on my way back into the bathroom I heard Colin saying "poop on the floor mommy".  Man, I was hoping that there wasn't poop on the floor. I got back in and realized that it wasn't poop, but pee on the floor. Colin had tried to pee in the potty! There was a little in the potty, but most of it was on the floor. I guess the thing goes crazy when pee-ing? 

Anyway, Miguel and I are so proud of Colin. We praised him, gave him hugs, kisses....and of course, that new toy! Let's hope that he keeps it up!

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