Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colin's First Dentist Appointment

Colin had his first dentist appointment this morning. I was very nervous about it because I know how shy he is. Well, my fear was validated...he screamed the whole time...but I guess that is better than clamping his mouth shut, because they were able to do his cleaning quickly! He was just so scared. 
The office that we went to was a pediatric office, so it was all set up with a playroom and the exam rooms were very kid friendly. They even had a TV on the ceiling playing cartoons for the kids to watch during the cleaning. 
Colin got to pick out a brand new toothbrush (he chose one with ladybugs on it). He even got to choose the toothpaste and fluoride flavor (strawberry, of course!).
I came equipped with my camera to be a good mom and capture his first visit for memories, but with all of the crying, I just couldn't bring myself to bring it out. So, I took him outside when we got home and he showed off his pearly whites for the camera!
Report: no cavities (Yay! I contribute this to us being very strict with what he eats). He did have some plaque buildup on his front teeth, but that's nothing that a little flossing can't fix. The dentist also said that he has a fairly narrow top palette and she's going to 'watch' it...dunno what that means for the future?!? Colin also has his 2 year molars coming in (finally, now that he's almost 3...then again it did take 13 months before we ever even saw his first tooth!)
Plan: brush twice a day, focusing on his top front teeth and a few of the back ones, floss, and teach him to spit out toothpaste. His next visit is in 6 months (December). Hopefully he'll be a little more relaxed next time.
All in all, I'd say that the visit went better than I had expected it to. If anyone is pedi. dentist shopping, I would definitely recommend this one!


  1. Poor Colin, I am sorry it was so hard on him! Way to go on a good report! I wonder what a narrow top palate means, interesting. I have to say that is such a cute picture! I can't believe he is almost 3 years old!

  2. Sounds like it went pretty good, no cavities is a great report.
    Sadly I can tell you what a narrow top palate is.......Nick had one. It means that when his mouth closes the teeth do not meet where they should, the uppers just slightly over the lower teeth. Nick had to have a palate expander, he had it @ age 6 or 7, and it was like pre-orthodontia. It's rather common. I know all this because I'm on the 3rd child with orthodontia.......yes I've paid for the last remodel in our orthodontist's office...LOL!
    Sounds like you have a good pediatric dentist keeping an eye on things.

  3. Oh man. Both my sister and I visited an orthodontist growing fact, I had braces twice! On Miguel's side, a few of them had braces, and a few more needed them. I think our kids are doomed...


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