Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Super Sick Kristen

I had a HORRIBLE day on Monday! I woke up not feeling so great. Hit the bathroom a few times. It was Colin's last day of Kindermusik class for the semester, so I got us all ready and went. By the time the class was over, my stomach was grumbling again. I just figured that I needed to eat lunch. The boys, my mom and I went to eat lunch. I barely touched it b/c I was feeling so well. By the time lunch was over, I had made 2 more trips to the bathroom. I dropped my mom off at her house, and she watched Colin for me for a while. I went home, put Brennan down for a nap and I napped for 2 hours. When I woke up, the bathroom called me a couple more times. Then I got Brennan together and we went to the grocery store. I got really sick while in there and almost passed out. The stomach pains we horrible.  I barely made it back to my moms house. When she saw me she decided that she was calling Miguel to have him come home and she was taking me to the ER. She said that I had no color at all. 4 hours, 2 liters of fluid, 2 rounds of nausea medication and a couple rounds of pain medication later I was feeling slightly better. The doctor wanted to keep me over night, but I didn't want to stay, so I came home. 
Yesterday I still felt horrible. Miguel was nice enough to stay home and take care of the boys for me. Thank God he did, because I never would have been able to do it. I slept pretty much all day long. I was still running to the bathroom and I had a terrible headache. I finally started feeling better yesterday evening. This morning I feel fine...except that I am still running to the bathroom. When will it end?
I went to the ER that I work at, so my co-workers were taking care of me. Kind of ironic.


  1. Wow Kristen, do they just think it's a virus? I hope you are on the mend, that is just awful.
    Thankfully your mom and Miguel know how to take good care of you!!
    Take care!

  2. I am so sorry you had to go through this. I know you had to be bad in order for you to go to the ER. I hope that everything ends soon!

  3. Yuck, that sounds miserable - glad they got you in for rehydration.


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