Saturday, July 25, 2009


Oh man....

Brennan has been screaming since Friday. Like, not crying...but screaming. He's also been running low grade fever, and not eating at all. I mean really not eating. He drank 7 ounces of formula on Friday...that's it. That's 1 bottle...and he usually drinks 3. He refused all solid foods that day as well. Yesterday, he ate a little more....but not much...and today, he's still not eating and just screaming. I'm pretty sure he's teething. I think he's trying to cut his top 'fangs'. Poor guy...we have been Tylenoling and Motrining (I just made those into verbs!!!) him around the clock. If things aren't better by tomorrow, I'm calling his pediatrician.

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  1. I'm sorry it was such a rough weekend, I hope he is all better now!


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