Friday, September 04, 2009

Big Boy Colin

Yup, Colin is a big boy. I mean that in every sense...

Colin had his 3 year check up this morning. Besides the screaming due to the fear of the doctor listening to his heartbeat and the nurse giving him a went well!

Back to the big boy part...Colin weight 32 pounds 2 ounces. That puts him in the 50-75%. Now get this...he is 39 inches tall. He is in the 90-95%. He is SUPER tall! The doctor was saying that from 2-3 years old kids will usually only gain 2-3 pounds...Colin gained 3 pounds 2 ounces. He also said that most kids will grown about 2 inches...and my Colin grew 4!!!

There weren't any immunizations to receive today...he won't get anymore until he turns 4...but, I did opt for the flu shot this visit. Colin didn't handle that so well. They have a nasal spray that the child can breathe in, but with Colin being so shy and scared, I figured the shot was much quicker. He was fine as soon as it was over.

The doctor commented on how well developed Colin's speech is. He said that aside from him having stranger anxiety, he appears to be a 'fun & sociable child'.

Our next task to tackle (though we've started, but haven't been very firm) is potty training. At this point, Colin will NOT poop in his diaper anymore. He goes on the potty. He'll pee in the potty is I remind him, but he doesn't take the initiative to pee in the potty on his own. It's definitely time to buckle down though. in fact, I put him in underwear this morning, so we will see how he does far, so good.

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  1. You have yourself something ladies will crave when he is older a tall handsome one! He is so cute and I still can't believe he is 3


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