Friday, September 04, 2009


Brennan, Brennan, Brennan.
He's doing something new each day. I LOVE it!

Brennan has been 'signing' the word 'more' for a while now. He didn't quite have it right, and heck, it's still not perfect...but he is just doing it so much cuter now! I LOVE it! He also signs 'milk' and he's almost got 'food' & 'all done or finished'. I definitely think that signing helped Colin communicate with us earlier, and I believe that it helped with his advanced speech later on. So, I am diligently teaching Brennan as well. It's going well!

Brennan also has been getting up onto his knees and rocking. maybe he'll crawl the traditional way soon. Who knows?!? He's really 'perfected' the army crawl and is quite fast.

So, Brennan has been a little slow in the sitting up department. He sits if you sit him up, but he had never gone from laying down into a sitting position on his own. 2 evenings ago, as Miguel and I were eating dinner, Brennan crawled over to me and was trying so hard to sit up. After a few seconds of trying, he finally figured out how to do it, and sat himself up!!! When I went into his room to get him after a nap today, I found him sitting up in his bed. So, he's finally getting it, and we won't have to call ECI for help.

I can't believe that in 1 month he will be 1 year old. Where in the world has the time gone? It's not fair. I'm gonna go cry now.

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  1. He is becoming such a big boy! I can't wait to see him sit up! One year next month, wow


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