Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weight Loss

So I need to get my skinny sexy self back. I'm sick of feeling fat. Summer is coming, and I want to be wearing a cute bathing suit!

So, here's my problem...I like to eat. I enjoy eating. I like to cook. I love to bake. I get the warm fuzzies.

I'm not saying that I'm fat, but I'm certainly not nearly as thin as I was before having my precious babies.

Here are some before & afters:

This is me in December 2005. It was pre-children. Well, I was actually pregnant with Colin here, but didn't know it yet.

This is May of 2007. This is 9 months after delivering Colin.

This is December 2008. It was almost 2 months after I delivered Brennan.

This is me now. My youngest child is 20 months old. I am currently 20 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant with my oldest child.

I have GOT to do something. I'm unmotivated, and I like food. I would love to fit back into all of my old clothing...I've got so much! 

I'm thinking about starting the HCG diet plan.
It's basically HCG drops that you put under your tongue 3 times a day. It helps to 'reset' your hypothalamus. You eat a very strict low calorie diet (500 calories per day) for either 23 days (if you have under 20 pounds to lose) or 43 days (if you have more than 20 ponds to lose). After the 23 or 43 days there is a maintenance plan that you follow. I know several people that have either completed it, or are in the process now...and the results are phenomenal! You lose .5 - 1 pound per day!


  1. Well, I think you look beautiful! I look forward to seeing how this works out. Praying you get the results you want!

  2. You are gorgeous diet or no diet. However, I would strongly caution you NOT to do the HCG diet. My Aunt and Uncle tried it. They were both miserable and my Aunt passed out several times. In the end it was a huge waste of time and money because all the weight they lost came back.

  3. FYI You are beautiful in all those pictures!

    And if it will make you feel any better i got sick with severe diabetes during my pregnancy with my daughter and have no clue i was diabetic and gained 100 lbs from it......still have 50 more lbs to go...

  4. Hmmmm I love food too so I just workout like crazy so I can eat! I did a 10 day cleanse and I lost 1 pd a day, but being that strict for that long was torture! I went to bed hungry evey night! BUT I did not gain any of it back when I was done. HCG sound really intense I would probably just start out with something easier to stick to. Try to find some new healthy recipes to try and get rid of all the bad stuff in your house. Cheese, sugar, enriched flour. Good luck! Oh and drink a TON, and I mean A TON, of water it will help!


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