Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Monday's OB Visit

Well, I forgot to post about how my OB appointment went on Monday. Nothing spectacular to report. I was officially cleared from bedrest. Yay! I'm super excited about that. I stopped taking the medication that was keeping the contractions gone, so I've been having irregular contractions since then. My OB checked my cervix and I am almost 3cm dilated, still 50% effaced, and baby is still at a -3 station. My fundal height did grow, so now it's measuring 34cm. It's still 2cm behind, but since there was growth, the OB was happy. At this point, my back is killing me, so I am ready for Mr. Brennan to make his grand appearance at any moment.

It's ironic...we did so much to keep him in when he wanted to come out early, and now that it's safe for him to come out, he doesn't want to. I think I know which of my children is going to be the stubborn one!

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