Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazy Ebay People

I received an e-mail from someone yesterday regarding an eBay item that they won from me a year ago.
Background story: This person won the item. Never paid for it. I sent an invoice. Waited. Never received payment. After waiting 30 days for payment, I filed a 'non-paying bidder' complaint so I could get back my insertion and Final Value Credit fees. EBay contacted buyer, but never got a response from them. EBay closed the case and gave me my money back.
This buyer e-mailed me and asked me to 'help' them get their eBay account back. (Apparently, they were banned). They gave me some sob story about how their kids got into their account, bought the item blah, blah, blah. I e-mailed him back and told him that this was a year ago, the case was closed, and there was nothing I could do. He e-mailed me again this morning asking the same thing. I e-mailed him and told him the same thing. Then he e-mailed me back and told me how he paid me and how I should just help him out.
I went back into my eBay records and looked everything up...just to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was as I remembered it...he never paid and never responded to any attempts to make the situation right. I e-mailed him back and told him to stop e-mailing me, that this was A YEAR AGO, and that there was nothing I could do.
Next thing I know...30 minutes later I received a PHONE CALL from this man. He was blaming me for ruining his account (but I went back and I was not the only person who had problems with him) and that he would never be able to use e-bay again b/c of me!
The gall! #1 - It was a YEAR AGO. Get over it. #2 - He never paid for the item! I didn't leave him negative feedback or anything, I just filed to have my money returned. #3 - DON"T CALL ME!
Some people are just ridiculous!


  1. That is just plain ridiculous and I can't believe he called you. What did he say in response to you? Did you contact Ebay to let them know he called you? I would if he calls you again and I would block his email address if you can. Some people are just stupid and it appears his story changed

  2. Wow - I wonder if it would be worth it to file another complaint with eBay about his harassing you. I guess since he's already banned, there's not much they can do, but it might be worthwhile to get it into their records in case they ever consider un-banning him.

  3. Kind of creepy, but yes some people are totally nuts..........ugh.

  4. Yikes. what a weirdo.

    On another note...dude, just open a new hotmail account and a new ebay user!!

  5. Yeah Lisa, tell me about it. That's exactly what I was thinking!

  6. Sounds psychotic. What a weirdo.


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