Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day a little differently this year than in years past.
The women prepared a yummy brunch for the dads that consisted of eggs, pastries, bagels, pancakes, bacon, quiche, etc. It was all sooo good!
After our brunch at my MIL's house, we all went to my FIL's house to celebrate with him a little bit. Karen made some really yummy finger foods...hummus, bruschetta, dips, quiche.
We took some family pictures, and just had a good time.
I wish all of the fathers out there a wonderful Father's Day. Miguel, you are such a great father to the boys, and they love you so much. You won't ever know how excited Colin is when he hears you pull up at night from work. It's beautiful.
The rest of the pictures are on my smugmug.

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  1. Happy Fathers Day, belated, to Miguel! I know he is an awesome father to your wonderful boys! I love the pictures. It sounds like a wonderful day!


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