Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Cutest Thing...

So, for about a week or so now, Brennan has been blowing kisses to everyone. I love all of his new tricks, but I especially love this one. He purposefully blows kisses. It is just too adorable.


  1. aww, that is too cute! Aly doesn't blow them yet. So sweet!

  2. Wow, I bet that's adorable!

  3. Melanie, blogger doesn't tell me when you guys update your blog anymore :-(

  4. Kristen, it doesn't tell me either

  5. Sorry about that, Kristen! It must have changed when I made it private. I sent you an invitation. Are you able to access it?

  6. Thanks for your visit and comment at My Quiet Corner! You have been entered into the giveaway. (Another new one happening again tomorrow!)

    Don't know if you noticed when you were there that I am an RN too. :-)

    What a fun age! Glad to read that the doctor's appointment went well!!

    You have a lovely family!


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