Sunday, October 04, 2009

Austin & Austin City Limits Music Festival

We got back from Austin last night. We had a good trip, but ended it 1 day early. I'll get to that later...

We left for Austin Thursday afternoon. Patty in tow in the back seat. Patty was really fun during the road trip...she slept. I thought it was hilarious. We'd be talking and then all of a sudden she would be quiet and I'd look back and she'd be sleeping! We stopped at McDonald's for dinner in Waco and tried the Angus Burger for the first time (Patty's recommendation). It was decent, but their diet coke was gross!!! It tasted like mildew.
We arrived in Austin around 8:00 or so, checked into our hotel. We all rested for a little bit, showered, got dressed and decided to hit up a few bars on 6th street.First Miguel picked a bar that had some live country-ish music. It was pretty neat. After that bar, Patty picked a dueling piano bar. That one was a ton of fun. Next it was my turn to pick, but I didn't feel like it, so Miguel picked out a hip hip type bar. Totally my style! Anyway all the girls there were wearing the same dress. Not literally, but they were all wearing the same exact style. It got old after the first 20 girls. We had a fun night!Friday was the only day that we got tickets to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Patty had tickets for all 3 days. We arrived at around 10:30 Friday morning. The place was huge...and pretty empty. We moved from stage to stage (8 total) to see the different bands. We got to see Coheed & Cambria, which was really the only band that I was totally excited to see, but I was super disappointed at the mix. The sound mix was just terrible. We stayed all the way until the final act of the evening and then left. The weather was absolutely beautiful...sunny & over 90.
Let's just say that sitting out in the sun all day turned me a little red...

After that we went back to to hotel, cleaned up, and headed back to the piano bar on 6th street to meet up with Patty's friend that flew in from Florida for the festival.
Saturday morning we had some Starbucks and visited a couple music stores; in one of which Miguel met the new love of his life. It was love at first sight...a Nash Telecaster. He didn't get it though. We met up with Matt & Pam for lunch on Saturday. They had tickets for Sunday.
We ended up leaving Austin on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday b/c Brennan was running fever...which was probably a blessing in disguise. The rest of the weekend was humid, and wet. It didn't stop raining at all, and Patty sent me pictures of them at the mud up past their ankles. Yuck! We are planning on buying tickets for next year sometime soon!

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  1. It looks/sounds like you guys had fun


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