Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brennan's Birthday Party

Well, we celebrated Brennan's 1st birthday party today. It turned out nice, but not as planned. I had planned to have the entire party in our backyard. It was a sports themed party. Lots of people showed up in fan gear! We rented a bounce house for the kids to play in, had sports balls all over the place, had a soccer goal & basketball hoop for the kids to play with. Right as the bounce house guy showed up to deliver started drizzling and it was pretty cold out. So, I made the decision to cancel the bounce house and have the party inside...only problem...our house was too small for the number of people that were coming. We made the best of it. I decorated the house with all of the decorations that I purchased, spread the balls around the house, and made the food (hot dogs and nachos...what you eat at a sporting event) in the kitchen and let the kids run the house!

Brennan enjoyed his cake, but had a reaction to an ingredient. We had to give him benadryl.

The kids all enjoyed the pinata.

Brennan was a little overwhelmed when it came time to open the presents, so I did most of them while he *watched*.

Brennan with the birthday girl. Aly & Brennan were born only a day apart!

My boys together just after everyone left!


  1. Even though it didn't turn out like you had expected we had a ton of fun! Thank you for inviting us and letting us share in the joyousness that is your beautiful son! We are blessed to have you guys as friends!

  2. I love that baseball cake.


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