Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brennan's 1 Year Check -Up

Brennan had a good 1 year check-up. He saw the doctor this morning. Brennan weighs 19 lbs. 2 oz. (10%), and is 30 inches long (75%). He's so skinny! The pediatrician is happy with Brennan's progress. I brought up my concern about his possible food allergies, and the pedi. decided to run a RAST test...which is a blood test for determining allergies. He's says that it's a good starting point for determining. I took Brennan to have blood drawn after the appointment, but I'll post about that later. Brennan got 4 shots. Poor baby, but he handled them like a champ. He barely cried, and was done by the time that I picked him up! Miguel calls him 'Powerhouse'. One of the shots was his flu shot. We got one of the few doses left at the pedi.'s office. Brennan's next appointment is when he is 15 months old.

This past year with Brennan has had it's up & downs as he is definitely been our more difficult child, but it's also been amazing. Brennan is so loving. He just loves Colin to pieces and calls for him 'Ca' all the time! He is a good eater and a playful child. He is still doing the army crawling, but he is starting to pull up now. He points, claps, signs, and says a few words.


  1. He is so cute and such a sweet little guy! I still am amazed how alike Aly and him are. I think they are meant to be together ;-) of course they have to wait until they are like 30 or so. You have two wonderful boys, you are blessed

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. It is lovely to meet you and I think it is wonderful how you and Casey have two little ones so close in age! Lovely little boys you have!
    Love Collette xxxx


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