Sunday, June 20, 2010

Awesome Worship Experience

Every year our church has a Christian artist come in and do a show. Last year we were on vacation during the concert. This year, our church had Shane & Shane come. I LOVE Shane & Shane! We saw them live about 6 years ago at the Celebrate Freedom Concert. Last night was the show, and it was AMAZING.

Shane & Shane don't just put on a show, they worship. Everyone in the room can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and in turn worship. What a wonderful worshipful experience. They are funny and just a blessing to the Christian music community.

Our churches Praise Band opened up for them (Miguel plays guitar in the band). I volunteered by helping set up Shane & Shane's Green Room, and cooking dinner for them.

Here are some pictures from the day!

Mandy, me & Pam right before we started setting up the Green Room.

Food Team.

Miguel and I before the show.

Casey and her husband Chris came. I'm so happy that they were able to make it.

YG Praise Band (Miguel is playing the gold guitar).

Shane & Shane

Us, the Wilson's & the Kolb's worshiping.

Shane & Shane took a photo with the YG volunteers after the show!

Miguel and I after the show.


  1. We had a blast at the show! I love Shane and Shane too, and now Chris does!

  2. Oh I love Shane and Shane too! Toby Mac came to Houston a few weeks ago and we hated we couldn't get tickets. So glad ya'll had a good time and wonderful to hear others worshiping together! Love ya


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