Friday, April 17, 2009

Digi Scrap Collab - Week 6 Challenge

Week 5 - 'Then & Now'

Take two photographs of yourself that are 10 years or more apart. Include journaling about you that has changed (or stayed the same) in that time.

Have your LO to me by next Wednesday night. I'll post the LO's on Thursday and the next challenge host will be announced. Anyone is welcome, and if you're new to Digi, questions are welcomed. We'd love to help.

***Edited 4/20/09***

1999 & 2009
16 & 26
So much has changed about me
in the last 10 years. I've graduated
hs & college. I got married, and had 2 boys. I bought my first
house. I have a 'real' job. Physically, 
a lot has changed too! My hair is 
shorter & is styled differently. I'm
also quite a bit heavier :(


  1. wow, I am gonna have to go through stuff at my parents and see if I can find a pic of me that is 10 years old

  2. ;)
    I am still having problems posting, which is why I don't have the image on here. Miguel is gonna try to work on it when he gets home.

  3. Weird, I wonder why you are having such trouble. I am having trouble with facebook, I can only update through twitter, it wotn let me log on to facebook says my account is unavailable or has timed out

  4. What a beautiful page!

    I think you are beautiful in both pictures! Is it hard to believe that first pic was taken 10 years ago?

  5. Yup Casey, sure was taken 10 years ago...that was my 16th birthday party!


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