Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silly Sayings of a 2 Year Old

So, here are a few of the silly/funny/not so funny things that my 2 year old has said recently. Some of them I cringe and pretend that I'm not his mother, some of them I try very very hard to hide my laughter and others, well, I just can't believe that he came up with them.

  1. Colin asked me to help him with something right in the middle of me feeding Brennan. When I told him that I couldn't help him just then, but that I would as soon as I was done feeding Brennan, his response was: "It's okay mommy, Jesus help me".
  2. I call Colin sweet pea or hunny a lot. Colin's response to me: "I not hunny (or sweet pea), I Colin".
  3. While watching AI the other night, a professional came on stage to perform and I muttered to myself that she was terrible. Colin heard and said: "Her not terrible mommy". I said "Yes, she is". Colin said "No, her not terrible". I then said "You like the way she sings?" Colin responded with "Yes, I like her singing voice".
  4. Colin was in his bedroom with his Babu (grandfather), and all of a sudden he comes running out and over to his Mimi (grandmother). He says to her: "Mimi, I want money".
  5. When Colin and Brennan were being watched by a friend, Colin was overheard saying to his crying brother "It's okay baby Brennan, mommy be right back to get us". That's what I said to him when he was dropped off.
  6. During potty training (which we are STILL working on), I asked Colin if he needed to poop in the potty. He said in a loud voice: "I not pee-pee in the potty". He then went back to playing. Less than 5 minutes later he ran over to me and said in a very authoritative tone: "Change my diaper mommy!" He had just gone in his diaper.
  7. When Brennan was crying one day, Colin came over to me and said: "Mommy, put baby Brennan away".
These are just a few. As i think of more, or hear more from him, I'll add to this list. This kid cracks me up, and not always in a good way. I'm sure every kid goes through this, but some of what he says totally embarrasses me!


  1. Ha! Love the things that come out little kids mouths!

  2. Ohh my goodness, that is just tooo cute! I love Colin!


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