Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prayers Please!!!

I've been getting sent home from work early just about each shift that I've worked for the past couple of weeks. It's frustrating, but more than that, we count on the money that I earn...and I haven't been getting all of it. So, I filled out an application for another local hospital on Monday. On Tuesday I got a e-mail invitation to complete their online assessment. The assessment is basically asking your reactions to certain situations. It's a pretty general test, but you have to score a certain way to move one. Immediately after I submitted the assessment, I was sent an e-mail to complete a more thorough nursing assessment...again asking what I would do in certain situations...this time situations related to nursing. I sent that in, and received a call from the hospital's recruiter this morning! Whoo-hoo! That was the FASTEST that an HR office has ever gotten back to me!
I have an interview set up for Monday, May 4. I would have done it sooner, but we are leaving for vacation tomorrow. Please pray that I do well in my interview! I'll update closer to the date, but I am just so excited that I had to post about it today!


  1. Prayers being sent your way! What hospital is it?


  2. Cool! I hope it all works out

  3. YEAH!!!
    Good Luck!


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