Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Months Old

My 'Baby Brennan', (as Colin calls him) is now 5 months old! I can't believe it! How the time is flying! He is similar to Colin at this point, but also different in so many ways!

Since turning 4 months, we have started baby food. So far he's had: peas, green beans, squash & carrots. Carrots are by far his favorite...who like peas anyway? He loves to eat. He taking 7 oz. bottles 4 times a day and solid food 2-3 times a day. He's a very good eater. He's not rolling over quite yet, but he's almost there. I'm sure that will start any day .

We've made an appointment with the cranio specialist, b/c the flatness on the side of his head doesn't seem to be getting any better. his torticollis has GREATLY improved, since Miguel and I have been diligent with the positioning and stretching exercises. His appointment is on April 9. I plan to call my pediatrician this coming week to see if he will have 1 more look at him before the cranio appointment.

He's starting to come into his little personality. He's not a very 'happy go lucky kid'. He cries quite a bit. He calms down as soon as you hold him. He has to see someone at all times...or he cries. Think he's spoiled? He has this little stuffed monkey that always seems to help quiet him down...and he tries to eat him! I told him hat we don't eat our friends...but he doesn't get it yet. He cracks up when he's tickled. He just LOVES that!

More pictures can be found on my smugmug (link to the right) in the '5 Months to 6 Months' folder.


  1. He is so adorable. It's amazing how two little people who come from the same "place" can be so different. It constantly amazes me.

  2. What did Dr. Nail say about his head or hve you not seen him for one last check yet? We are prayingthat it isn't serious and that he doesn't need a helmit

  3. I have an appointment with Dr. Nail next Friday...I forgot the date, but I'm pretty sure that he will need a helmet. :(

  4. I am sorry that he may need the helmet. If he does hopefully it isn't for too long. We are praying for him and you of course! Keep us updated with his appt. with Dr. Nail


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