Friday, March 27, 2009

Brennan's Doctor Appointment

I'm going to take Brennan in a little while for an appointment with his pediatrician to determine whether or not he thinks we should take Brennan to be assessed by the cranio specialist.
Over the past month or so, Miguel and I have been very diligent with re-positioning his head, and stretching exercises to help his torticollis (which is what caused the flat head). His ROM (range of motion) in his neck is sooo much better now, and I think the flatness has also gotten better. The question is, is it good enough to not require a helmet? I hope so! At least it hasn't gotten any worse!
I'll update in a bit with the doctor's opinion. I went ahead a few weeks ago and made an appointment with the cranio specialist (since the appointments are so far out), and if he the pedi. thinks we should go, then our appointment is for April 9.


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