Friday, March 13, 2009

Digi Scrap Collab

Wanna join? Every Friday a rotating member of our crew will host a challenge. The following Wednesday night is our due date, then Thursday the layouts will be posted and the next challenge host will be announced. Anyone is welcome, and if you're new to Digi questions are welcome and we'd love to help.

Here's Emily's challenge: Find your oldest digital photo and scrap a LO that tells how long ago it was and what memory it holds.

***Edited 3/18***

Miguel bought me my very first digital camera for Christmas in 2002.
I can't remember the exact specs., but it was something pathetic
(according to today's standards) like 1.8 megapixels. The picture is
special to me b/c it was our first trip back to NY since moving to
TX, and I was so happy to see my Nanny! She is one of my
favorite people, and my hero!


  1. I know I shouldn't comment but I had to say that your layout is very pretty and that I think that is a great picture you got with your Nanny. I think it will be one you treasure for years to come

  2. This is adorable - I love it. What a special picture.


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