Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Colin is Sick :(

Doesn't he just look sick?

My poor Colin has been throwing up like crazy. He threw up this morning right after breakfast, and was fine right after. I gave him a bath, got him cleaned up, and he acted like his normal self for the rest of the day...

Until 5:00ish. He got whiny, came over to me and I just knew he was going to vomit. I put Brennan down just in time to be covered in vomit. It was all over me, Colin, the floor and the couch. I finally got Colin cleaned up and Brennan was screaming for food. By that time, and several vomitings later, Miguel was home, so he was able to help with Brennan while I finished getting Colin and 'the mess' cleaned up.

I made Colin a 'sick bed' on the floor in the living room, where he fell asleep around 8:00. We moved him to his room. Hopefully we will have a good night and he'll sleep through.

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  1. I am so sorry. What a rough day for Colin and mommy, I hope he feels better and that no one else gets sick


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